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Integrated Pest Management Manual

The National Park Service is proud to be a leader among federal agencies in the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With over 80 million acres of land, 45,000 buildings and cultural landscapes ranging from croplands to historic rose gardens, we face every conceivable pest problem.

Since implementing an IPM program in the early 1980's, the Park Service has reduced pesticide use by over 60 percent while improving the effectiveness of our pest management efforts. Key elements in this success were formal training and the provision of printed and audiovisual materials.

One of our products is an IPM Manual which is now available in a second edition. It provides descriptions of the biology and management of 21 species or categories of pests. The Park Service is pleased to offer this information to the IPM community.

The National Park Service wishes to thank the Entomology Department at Colorado State University. They designed the original NPS IPM Manual website and made it available on the Internet before the Park Service's natural resource website was fully operational.
Carol DiSalvo
IPM Coordinator

More ... http://www.nature.nps.gov/biology/ipm/manual/ipmmanual.cfm

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