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GreenParksUSA is a web-based set of tools that allow you to create custom Integrated Pest Management Plans and document your Best Management Practices for each park in your park system.

Membership Benefits

In addition to producing professional IPM Plans and BMP documentation that you can easily update at any time. Your membership provides:
  • Access to data entry and output upgrades
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Latest research information and regulations
  • Periodic newsletter, The Green Piece
  • Preliminary review of plans and documentation
  • Access to expert assistance


We require a one-time registration fee that varies depending on the number of parks you will be creating IPM Plans for. In general, you'll be paying less than $100 per park for an IPM Plan!

Number of Parks
Registration Fee

First 5 Parks|
$100 each park

Next 10 Parks|
$85 each park

Next 15 Parks|
$70 each park

After 30 Parks|
$55 each park

Add a park after registration|
$125 each park

As an added bonus, we are offering 25% off the registration fees for the first 50 registered users of GreenParksUSA!


We have a $149 per year subscription rate that allows you to access our system to update and maintain your IPM Plans, regardless of the number of parks you register. You'll have access to our Best Management Practices Generator that is also park-specific, resources and references related to environmental stewardship and regulations, and receive a copy of our newsletter, The Green Piece. And, when we update our tools you'll be able to update the documents you prepare at GreenParksUSA.

Example registration fee calculations, including first year subscription:

||Park System with 1 Park|$249
Park System with 4 Parks|$549
Park System with 12 Parks|$1,244
Park System with 22 Parks|$1,989
Park System with 47 Parks|$3,484||

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