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Hybrid bluegrasses analyzed for use in transition zone

'Thermal Blue' and 'Dura Blue' hybrids put to the test

KNOXVILLE, TN—The transition zone can be one of the most challenging places to maintain high-quality turfgrass; changeable growing conditions in these regions often prove too hot for some grasses and too cold for others. Finding turfgrass that thrives in these challenging environments can be perplexing for turf management professionals and homeowners alike.

Now, an answer to this growing dilemma may be found in new breeds of hybrid bluegrasses. Bred for their ability to tolerate heat and drought, these hybrids can outperform traditional bluegrasses in transition zone areas. A study published in a recent issue of HortScience tested two new bluegrass hybrids, 'Thermal Blue' and 'Dura Blue', to investigate optimal seeding rates, correct seed timing, and the interaction of mowing height and fertility requirements for both bluegrass cultivars. The study results show promise for both hybrids in the transition zone.

More ... http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2009-11/asfh-hba110409.php

Public release date: 4-Nov-2009
Contact: Michael W. Neff
American Society for Horticultural Science


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